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Mausoleum of Zangi Ota | Tashkent City Guide


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eadyUzbn museums n attractions	ashkent museums n attractins5530db8fd6282.jpgThe architectural complex Zangi Ota is situated in the district Zangi Ota not far from the city of Tashkent. The complex had been erected on a place where the Sheikh Ay-Khodja (called also Zangi Ota) had been buried.

 Zangi Ota lived in the end of 12th and the beginning of 13th centuries and was considered as the 5th main follower and assistant of Akmad Yassavi, the most powerful spiritual leader of his time in all Central Asia. During these times the people like Zangi Ota and Yassavi were sufi philosophers and they had a true influence on the lifestyles of the locals and have been accepted as divine people.

Following some historians most of the ensemble had been built by the order of Temur – Tamerlane. He reconstructed the mausoleum of Zangi Ota and his wife Ambar Bibi’s mausoleum in the end of the 14th century.

The complex has a beautiful garden and an ensemble of a mosque, madrasah, minaret and the mausoleum. 

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