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Mausoleum of Prophet Daniel| Samarkand Best Sights & Attractions

Amir Temur is described in most stories as a person who only killed and destroyed but only a few books about him really understand and write about his passion to history, culture art and religion. As a rule he always tried to show respect to all religious institutions regardless in what country they were and what religion they belonged to. One of the ideas of Temur was bringing the tomb of Saint Daniel to Samarkand.

Saint Daniel is also called Prophet Daniel and is accepted as a prophet in 3 different religions – Judaism, Christian religion and Islam. Following legends Temur brought a part of his body, approximately his arm to Samarkand. The camel which was carrying his body stopped not far from the walls of ancient Samarkand and did not want to move anymore. Due to that Temur ordered to build the mausoleum where the camel stopped. Some time later his tomb started getting longer and the mausoleum became 17 meter long.

Near the mausoleum there is a natural source of water. The water is very delicious and people wash their hands & faces and drink it before or after visiting the mausoleum. It is believed that the water does not only wash your body but it washes your soul too.

Today, apart from Samarkand in 4 more places there are mausoleums of Saint Daniel: Mosul (Iraq), Ierusalem & Suza (Israel), Istanbul (Turkey).

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