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Mausoleum of Paklawan Makhmud | Khiva Best Sights & Attractions

Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud is an architectural complex in Khiva, Uzbekistan, one of the best works of Khiva architecture of the middle of the XIX century.

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Pakhlawan Mahmud lived in the 13th century, was a local poet and an artisan. Besides, he was famous for his heroic strength as an invincible fighter and was known as the spiritual leader of the local population.

The initial construction of the building was modest, but since this place turned into a popular pilgrimage place several different constructions have been added to the mausoleum. Gradually, the mausoleum turned into a majestic structure, with the largest dome in Khiva, covered with blue glazed tiles with a sparkling gilded top. In 1810 the construction was supervised by master Adina Muhammad Murad from Hazarasp. The construction of the magnificent architectural complex was completed by the construction of aivans with carved columns in the south-eastern part of the yard.

The early mausoleum of Pakhlavan-Mahmud was rebuilt in 1810 by Muhammad Rahim Khan I (1806-1825). The new mausoleum included an old tomb and a khanaka with a high double dome, the silhouette of which became one of the main symbols of Khiva. Before the entrance to the mausoleum, a memorial courtyard was constructed, and the gates of the old cemetery became the entrance portal of the Pahlavan-Mahmud memorial.

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