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Mausoleum of Naqshbandi| Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide

The necropolis of Naqshbandi (Nakshbandi) is the most spiritual place of Bukhara. The mausoleum is full of religion, history, legends and superstitions. The mausoleum is situated about 14 kilometers far from the center of Bukhara.

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Khazrati Muhammad Bakhauddin Naqshbandi was one of the most brilliant Muslim Sufi philosopher, founder of the rite called “Route of Naqshbandi”. He is remembered and honored as a founder of a philosophy which led to development of a very open and tolerant Islam in Central Asia.

Naqshbandi was born in the village Kasri Orifon. He tried to teach people to refuse slavery and asked motivated his followers to live simple, modest style of life. In the 14th century he dedicated all his life to improve the life of the poor societies. He knew Koran by heart at his seven years and died at his seventy.

When he died he was buried close to his home in his village and mainly in the 16th century the Emirs of Bukhara started transforming it to a large spiritual complex. For over 200 years every powerful ruler of Bukhara tried to build something next to the mausoleum of Naqshbandi and now visitors of Bukhara can enjoy a very big complex of interesting monuments. The complex includes the khanaga Abdul Aziz (1544), mosque Abdul Faiz Khan (1720), mosque Muzaffar khan and a small minaret.

The site has been closed during all Soviet Period and. In 1993 the site has been restored and it started to receive the first few visitors from the Muslim world. In 2003 it was thoroughly restored for being able to welcome every traveler coming from different regions of Central Asia and from the whole world.

The complex of Naqshbandi isone of Top Spiritual Destinations in Bukhara. Recommended to visit in Bukhara.


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