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Mausoleum Chashma-yi Ayyub (Chashma Ayyub)| Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide

Mausoleum Chashma-yi Ayyub is a spiritual and at the same time historically important monument in Bukhara. The mausoleum had been built in 12-16th centuries and is popular in Bukhara for its sacred source of water.

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The mausoleum has become a museum of water which speaks about the irrigation systems, ancient hammams (bath), old water reservoirs, Aral Sea etc. The monument has a spectacular form with its four different domes. Each dome is a proof of restorations and reconstructions in different periods.

Inside the monument there is an interesting legend carved on wood which tells the story of the arrival of prophet Ayyub in Bukhara: “Long time ago, before the construction of the city of Bukhara, before the beginning of the long travels of caravans the Prophet Job (Ayyub) visited the Zerafshan valley. Having seen the terrible dry climate Job it the land with his stick and a source of water came out of there…” On the same place there are some other inscriptions written on ceramics which witness the participation of Tamerlane in the constructions (14th c.).

Chashma Ayyub means “Source of Job”.

Right in front of Chashma Ayyub there is a memorial of Al Bukhari. Al Bukhari is possibly the most renowned scholar of the history of the city. He passes all his life in search for stories of the prophet Mohammed – Hadis. The memorial of Al-Bukhari is built is the form of a book that he has written during all his lifetime (Hadis).




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