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Madrasah Kukaldosh Tashkent

Kukaldosh or Kokaldosh is one of the main tourist sights of Tashkent. Big number monuments of Silk Road Architecture of Tashkent have been destroyed in 1966 after a terrible earthquake. Kokaldosh stays as one of few monuments and enjoys visits of every traveler in Tashkent.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9d/Madrasah_Kukaldash_%28Tashkent%29_12-07.JPG/1200px-Madrasah_Kukaldash_%28Tashkent%29_12-07.JPGImage result for madrasa kokaldosh tashkent

The madrasah was built in the 16th century (1551-1575years) and served as the center of science and education of Tashkent until Russians arrived (end of 19th century). 19th century is remembered as the hardest period of the history of the madrasah. During this period it was destroyed by armies, earthquakes, its bricks were used to build some other constructions in the city etc. Even though the local population tried to reconstruct it several times with their own resources, it was never accomplished due to lack of financial resources and political situation in the region.

Can foreigners visit the Madrasah Kukaldash?

The madrasa functions now as one of 10 Islamic schools of Uzbekistan. The rooms of the madrasah are again occupied by the students like it used to be in the Middle Ages. Anyway, it is open for travelers and everyone can visit it.

How to go to Kukaldosh Madrasah in Tashkent?

The madrasa Kukaldash is easy to find as it is situated just beside the main bazaar of the city – Chorsu Bazaar.


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