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Madrasah Abdul Kasim Tashkent

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The madrasah Abdulkasim is one of the few monuments of Islamic Silk Road Architecture as most of other monuments of the city have been destroyed after the terrible earthquake of 1966.

The madrasah is situated in the southern part of the old Tashkent. Archaeological and historical facts prove that the madrasah was built in the beginning of the 19th century. According to historians the madrasah was built as a memorial to Abdulkasim-khan who was a well-known philosopher. People believed that he knew all Koran by heart and he was also called Abdulkasim Sheikh. Abdulkasim-khan had financed the construction of the madrasah and for years he had paid for the studies of over 150 students each year.

The madrasah is famous in Uzbekistan for its students as some of the top writers and artists of the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century have studied there.

Today the madrasah has become a Craft Center and this is a nice place in Tashkent to see some very good samples of national Uzbek crafts.

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