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Madrasa Chor Minor| Bukhara Sights & Tours

 Madrasa Chor Minor is an interesting place to visit in Bukhara. It is interesting with its history, with its simple but unique architecture.

Chor Minor is also known as the madrasa of Khaliph Niyazkul. It was built in 1807 with financial sources of a rich Turkmen trader of Bukhara – Khaliph Niyazkul.

The madrasah had been destroyed by an earthquake in the beginning of 20th century. The entrance to the madrasah with its 4 minarets survived the earthquake. This part of the madrasah used to be a mosque, a public library as well as a place where the Sufi philosophers used come together for holding their spiritual rituals. By the end of the 19th century there were more than 250 madrasahs in Bukhara and Chor Minor could not compete with the other big and popular madrasahs of the city. And within a short period of time it became a shelter for the followers of Sufi philosophers.

Historians still dispute the reason for building 4 minarets at the entrance of the madrasah because it is not proper to the traditional architecture of madrasahs of Central Asia. Anyway, it is unique with its original style and is among the most recommended places to visit in Bukhara




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