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Langar – Abode of God on Earth| Uzbekistan Sights & Attractions Guide

While some people tried to create giant constructions in crowded areas there are some Extraordinary Sights in Uzbekistan which are built far from everything. One of such places is called Langar in Uzbekistan. The direct translation of the word langar from Uzbek language means “anchor” and also it means “abode, home or Abode of God”.

langar uzbekistan uzbekistan langar

In Uzbekistan there are two places which are called Langar – Home of God and both are situated in the region of Kashkadarya. The most known one is the “Big Langar” in Zerafshan Mountains, in the territory of Kamashi district.

This one of the Most Spiritual Places of Uzbekistan is built in the 16th century where 3 well-known sheikhs of one of the Sufi societies were buried. Later-on a small cemetery aroused around it and it became an important site for pilgrims. Due to this a new mosque and a building for cooking were added in the 17th-19th centuries.

In the mosque there is a special Box which was made by the order of the emir of Bukhara Muzaffar. Following legends the box is made for keeping rugs of the prophet which had been given from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Also the box had some leaves of the oldest Koran of the world which are now kept I different museums of the world.

At least this place is so much peaceful and is very proper for spiritual meditations and probable for the same reason it was chosen for building such interesting site.  


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