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Kosh Madrasas | Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide


Bukhara is a wonderful city with huge number of monuments to visit. It used to have nearly 400 mosques and 250 madrasas until the end of the 19th century. Even if most of these monuments do not exist anymore, the ones remaining today are numerous enough. Simply, a traveler who lives a 2-day-tour-in-Bukhara can’t just see all. One of these often “refused” places is “the complex Kosh Madrasah – Madrasah Abdullakhan (1588-1590 years) and madrasah Modarikhan” (1567 year).


These two madrasahs are results of huge constructive projects of Bukhara’s rulers in the 16th century. AbdullaKhan (1533-1597) is possibly the brightest ruler of Bukhara who had built the biggest number of religious monuments. He had built both madrasahs of Kosh ensemble. Modarilhan had been built in less than 2 years. It was built for honoring the mother of Abdullakhan. In Persian language “ Modarikhan” means “the mother of khan”.

The Abdullakhan madrasah was built at least 20 years later. It is built by the real masters of ceramic works and its decorations are much more complete and advanced than these of Modarikhan madrasah. According to historians this madrasah was supposed to contain the future mausoleum of Abdullakhan.

 The madrasahs are not far from the other main tourist attractions of Bukhara and the complex 5-minutes-walk-far from the Ark Citadel or Bolo Khauz mosque by 3-5 minute walk. This place is more than worth stopping a few minutes and the visit will surely be rewarded!

Kosh means “double or two” and Kosh Madrasah is an ensemble of two twin madrasahs standing face to face.



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