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Kokand Jome Mosque , Dahmai Shohon| Fergana Sights & Guide

The Jome Mosque of Kokand is located not far from the palace of Khudoyor khan and is the second most recommended sight to visit in Kokand. The mosque was built in the beginning of the 19th century (1809-1812) by the order of Omar Khan just about ten years after Kokand and Fergana Valley became independent from the Emirate of Bukhara.


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The mosque is a result of a very carefully planned and decorated construction. Its decorations make any traveler get in love with the typical decorations of the Fergana Valley. There is a small minaret standing near the mosque and 98 wooden columns make it look truly gorgeous. All columns have a small “umbrella” on the top which is originally sculptured and painted by the master artists and craftsmen of Fergana Valley.

Not far from the Juma (Jome) Mosque of Kokand there is a madrasah Norbutabey. The madrasah was built in 1796 by the khan Norbuta (Norbota). The madrasah was in activity even during Soviet times and now a few hujras- rooms of the façade are occupied by the main imam of the city and teachers of the Arabic language.

Right behind the madrasa Norbotabiy there is a vast Royal Cemetery – Dahmai SHohon. Apart from an ensemble of tombs the graveyard Dahmayi Shohon contains the mausoleums of Omar Khan and his wife, a poetess from Andijan Nodira Begim.

Damai Shahon | Sights & Attractions in Fergana Valley

Mausoleum of kings “Dahmai Shohon”, located not far from the Jome mosque, is a necropolis where the ruler of Kokand Norbutabiy and is descendants are buried. In 1822, after the death of Umar Khan, his wife finished the constructions in 1825.

The ensemble consists of three different parts: monument with portal and dome, a mosque with 2 columns and the royal family cemetery.

The entrance doors of the necropolis are decorated with wood carving which holds parts of Koran and some poems of Umar Khan. At the same time the simplicity of the constructions gives more seriousness and importance to the necropolis.


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