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Kirk-Kiz Citadel| Termez Sights & Attractions

Translated from the Uzbek language Kirk-Kiz means “40 girls”. There are no proved sources about the construction of the citadel. Archaeological researches show that it may be built in the 10th-11th centuries.


The local people call it “the Citadel Saman”. Samanids were the dynasty who ruled over Central Asia in the 10th century. This fact can also prove that it was built in the 10th century. 7-8 meter walls and high towers on the corners could serve for the protection of the site.

In the territory of autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan also there is an ancient citadel called Kirk-Kiz and both of them share similar legend which says that one day an enemy army attacks the villages around the citadel and kills all men. At that time a brave woman gathers a group which compounded 40 women who fought against the enemy protecting the citadel







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