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Karakalkpak Art Museum Savitsky| Nukus Sights & Attractions

The state museum named after I. Savitsky is one of the biggest museums of Central Asia. The collection of the museum is accepted as the world’s second collection of Russian avant-garde and the biggest collection of this type of art in Asia.

After his arrival from Russia I. Savitsky participated actively in archaeological and ethnographical researches in Karakarkalpakstan and gathered a big collection of ethnographic materials about Karakalpakstan. In the meantime he collected some modern artworks of local and international artists which served as the base for the creation of the museum. Later-on as a painter he worked together with Karakalpak artists. While working and exchanging ideas with the local artists he made sure about the necessity of opening an art museum in Nukus and after lots that he could convince the local authorities to open such a museum – cultural center in Nukus. The museum was opened in 1966. The government gave a building for opening the museum and Savitsky repaired the building from his own financial sources. Furthermore, he started to bring more artworks from different places.

Within a few years Savitsky could establish a museum with a big collection of fine art of Russian and Central Asian avant-garde, one of the most significant collections of arts and crafts of Karakalpakstan and a unique collection of archaeological exhibits of Ancient Khorezm. Savitsky died in 1984.

In 2003 the museum moved to a new bigger building demonstrating some 90,000 exhibits and from 2017 the museum has another new building which can let the visitors see as many exhibits of fine art as possible.


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