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Juma Mosque & Minaret | Khiva Best Sights & Attractions

Juma Mosque is one of the Top 5 Best Sights in Khiva!

The Juma mosque was initially built in the 10th century and was reconstructed in the 18th century. The uniqueness of the mosque is its 213 wooden columns. Each column is individually decorated and it can easily be called a forest of wooden columns.

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In the middle of the mosque there is a small marble construction which was used as water reservoir from where people could get drinking water. When any of the wooden columns are damaged they will be changed for new ones and the older mosque will be placed in one of the history museums of the country. It means that the mosque is alive and gradually it continues getting younger.

In the 18th century the Iranian ruler Nadir Shah attacks Khiva and the Iranians set fire in the mosque. Later, the burned columns have been changed for new ones. Still the dark remains of the this tragedy can be seen on some of the columns.

Right in front of the Juma mosque there is a small madrasah Matpanabay (1905).

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