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Gijduvan Ceramics| Narzullaevs’ Museum & Workshop | Bukhara Crafts

It is impossible to imagine the architecture of Central Asia without blue and turquoise ceramics which are used to decorate the facades of monuments. The Soviet repression had somehow damaged to the development of crafts in Central Asia. Fortunately the traditional style of transmitting the savoir-faire from generation to generation permitted some local craftsmen to save the secrets of producing the products traditional crafts. The family of Narzullaevs in Gijduvan Bukhara is also reputed for their success and efforts in saving the Ceramic making Skills of their ancestors.

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Different from the ceramists of Fergana valley, Bukhara and its ceramists have been trying to restore and preserve the traditional aspects of pottery and a small tour to a Pottery Workshop in Gijduvan will bring you to a world of ceramics which looks like nothing else!

The village of Gijduvan is well-known as the village of some renowned ceramists and the village is 30 kilometers far from the center of Bukhara city. Among all big or small ceramic workshops of the village two workshops of Abdulla and Alisher Narzullaevs are the most popular and the most visited.

In both workshops the owners are ceramists of 6th-7th generation and they offer an interesting demonstration of all process of making beautiful plates, cups etc. This visit is normally more than a visit to ceramic workshop but it will take you to a tour to the world of ceramics of Bukhara.



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