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Ensemble Imam Al-Bukhari | Samarkand Best Spiritual Sights & Attractions

About 24 kilometers far from Samarkand there is a popular destination which is called “The Mausoleum of Al- Bukhari”. Al Bukhari is worldwide known Islamic scientist who dedicated all his life to write the most sacred book in the Muslim world after Koran.

Al-Bukhari was born in Bukhara in 810. According to historians his was a true follower of Islam. But his father died when al-Bukhari was so young and he was educated by his mother from early ages. He was known for his incredibly strong memory. When he was 7 he knew most of Koran by heart. In 825 when he was already 16 years old, with his mother and brother he leaves Bukhara for doing sacred pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina. After the pilgrimage his brother and mother return to Bukhara but al-Bukhari stay in different Arabic countries for 40 years. During these years h had studied in the most famous Muslim schools and became a well-known scholar of Islam.

His biggest work is the book of “Hadith (words of prophet and legends about the prophet)”. Living in different Muslim countries he could make a book with the biggest collection Hadith. His book is still accepted as the main holy book of the Muslim world after Koran.

Before his death he came back to Bukhara and to Samarkand for teaching his knowledge in his own country and later he was buried near Samarkand. During Soviet times the mausoleum of al-Bukhari was forgotten and it was standing in the middle of endless cotton fields. Only after 50s of the 20th century the mausoleum was a little restored and after the Independence of Uzbekistan it became one of the most sacred and spiritual places of all Central Asia.



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