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Ensemble Gaukushan | Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide

This big architectural complex of Bukhara is situated in the center of the old city. The complex do not attract much attention of travelers.

Gaukushan means “killing the bulls”. On the place of the ensemble, prior to the construction of a madrasah, mosque and a minaret there was a big and well-known butchery and this fact has decided the name of the whole complex. The complex had been founded in the second half of the 16th century.

The mosque Gaukushan is not open for visits. The minaret Gaukushan is also closed and is not used for “calling to pyayers” since quite a long time. The madrasa is currently used as a restaurant but it is always open for travelers who just want to visit it. The complex can be a very nice place to visit and to sit a while watching beautiful elements of Bukhara’s traditional decorations.

Most of the monuments of Bukhara are little bit crowded and Gaukushan is really an interesting place to visit for silence it offers.

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