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Crypt of Tamerlane| Darus Saodat| Shakhrisabz Sights

Shakhrisabz has a in interesting ensemble constructions which is called “Darus Saodat or Khazrati Imam”. The complex is located just next to Kok Gumbaz mosque and includes the mausoleum of Khazrati Imam, the tomb Of Jakhongir (son of Temur) and a crypt where Tamerlane was supposed to be buried.

Tomb of Tamerlane shahrisabz centasiaShahrisabz  Uzbekistan centasia

From the construction of the dome of the mausoleum of Jakhongir one can easily say that it was built in the style of ancient Khorezm. The tomb of Jakhongir has lost all its rich decorations during the last centuries because of battles as well as earthquakes.

The Crypt of Tamerlane is a few meters far from the tomb of Jakhongir. The warlord of Samarkand wanted to be buried close to his family and that’s why he wanted to be buried in this place. The crypt was found in 1943 and surprisingly did not have any extraordinary decorations which Temur loved. There is a stone casket with some holy words written on it. Anyway, due to some reasons Temur was buried in his capital – Samarkand together with his other two sons and grandchildren




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