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Citadel Kuva | Buddhist Heritage Sight of Fergana

In the region of Fergana the district of Kuva has an interesting place which Hs been researched for several years. The excavations have proved the city of Kuva was built in the 4-3rd centuries B.C. the city used to be an important step for travelers and traders going from Central Asia to China, vice versa. Kuva continued developing until 13th century where Genghis Khan turned it into dust.


During excavations the archaeologists have found some remains of a Buddhist temple which can easily be explained as strong influence of China in the lifestyle of the local people. Some elements of the Buddhist Temple dates 10-11th centuries. It means that Kuva was 2nd Buddhist center of Muslim Central Asia after Termez.

The exact period of construction of the Buddhist Temple is unknown but it is proved that the temple was destroyed by Arabs in the 8th century but the locals reconstructed it until it was destroyed by Mongols 5 centuries later.


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