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Citadel Ayaz-Kala | Sights & Attractions of Ancient khorezm

Situated in the district of Ellikka and about 24 kilometers far from ancient citadel Toprakkala there is another spectacular desert citadel in Uzbekistan which used to be one of the main citadels of the Ancient Khorezmian Empire.

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Seeing the height of the hill (100+m) on which the citadel is built every traveler asks himself: “how conquerors could succeed in destroying this old citadel?”

Ayaz Kala is an ensemble of 2 existent citadels. The bigger and higher one dates 4th-3rd centuries B.C and the smaller one was built in the 4th century A.D. The bigger Ayaz Kala occupies over three hectares and surrounded with thick 11-13 meter high walls. According to historians when the smaller Ayaz was built it was used as the palace of the local rulers and the bigger, higher one remained as a military base. The kings’ family climbed there only when there were risks of enemy attacks.

Following legends Ayaz was the name of a young man who fell in love with a local princess and in order to prove his love he was asked to build this citadel. But some historians inform that it was the northern city of Ancient Khorezm and the word Ayaz means “cold, north” in Uzbek language. Regardless what “Ayaz” means, the citadel and the place around it is more than fantastic and the place truly deserves the status of being among Top 3 Desert Citadels to Visit in Uzbekistan.

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