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Chust & Pichoq| Heritage of Knives of Chust| Fergana Guide

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Pichoq means Knife in Uzbek language and Chust is the biggest center of knives of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Chust, situated on the north of Fergana Valley is among oldest cities of the region surrounded with high city walls. During years it served as a stopping place for caravans moving between China and Central Asia which helped it to develop the art, culture and crafts in the city. Today, Chust in known as the city of Knives, the knives that every Uzbek man desires to possess.

Even if during Soviet times the economy of Chust started turning towards cotton anyway after the Independence of Uzbekistan the local craftsmen started beating metals for reviving the knife-making-heritage of Fergana Valley.

Note: a traveler who wants to buy a knife of Chust does not need to Fergana Valley because these knives are widely sold in all Uzbekistan. The bazaar Chorsu in Tashkent is one of the places to buy the Chust Knives.

Facts, Tips and Details about Chust| Uzbek Knives

  • Chust knives are sharpest in Central Asia and Russian conquerors accepted them as arms. Due to that all knives produced in Chust before the arrival of Russians were confiscated;
  • Knife on a belt is a sign of honor and nobleness in Central Asia, like horses;
  • Most of the knives of Chust have the name of this city written on them in Cyrillic – ЧУСТ”;


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