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Chor Chinor Urgut| Samarkand Sights & Attraction Guide

Some forty kilometers far from the center of Samarkand, in the ancient city of Urgut there is a garden called “Chor Chinor”. In tajik-persian language chor means “four” and chinor is plane-tree. The garden is truly womderful with several 1000 year old Chinors.

The oldest Chinars of the garden have up to 16 meter diameters. The youngest of the trees is over 600 years old and the oldest one is more than one thousand years old. On nearly each tree there are signs which show the age of the tree.

Chor Chinor is considered as a sacred place. In the territory of the garden there is also a mosque which was built in the beginning of the twentieth century. The end of 19th beginning of 20th centuries the place has become a place of meetings of Sufi dervishes.

The local people say that in the 70th the soviet government wanted to empty the garden from the trees but the roots of the trees were so deep it was impossible to take them off the land

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