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Central Asian Plov Center| Tashkent Plov

Central Asian Plov Center| Tashkent Plov

Описание: http://piczone.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/plov/13.jpgThe emirs of Bukhara used to organize competitions for finding the best masters/cooks of Plov. This can also say that cooking Plov in Uzbekistan is more than a tradition. In Tashkent there is a quite popular place which is called “The Tashkent Center of Plov or Central Asian Plov Center”.

The Center of Plov is such a place where there are several cooks who prepare different plovs of different regions of Central Asia. You can see each of them and choose the one you like more. The preparation can somehow be different as every chef has his own secrets but there are some products which are very typical for Tashkent: quail eggs, horse meat, fresh vegetable salad.


Plov Center for Pessimists

Plov Center for Optimists

Not comfortable

Very typical


Nice place to see how the local people live

The waiters don’t speak English

It’s like fast food, you choose and you pay. No need for a translator

Think again before going there!

A MUST Go place in Tashkent!


Описание: http://www.globaltimes.cn/Portals/0//attachment/2017/2017-04-27/4f571aee-4851-495d-a92e-73a9c0e83e5e.jpegОписание: http://piczone.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/plov/04.jpgNote: the Plov Center serves Plov only during lunchtime and you need to go earlier if you want to be sure to have seats and Plov!


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