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Caravanserai & Sardoba Raboti Malik| Navoi Sights & Attraction

In Navoi, on the road between Samarkand & Bukhara there is a nice place to stop for a few minutes. This is an ensemble of ruins of an ancient Silk Road caravanserai and a Sardoba water reservoir.

Rulers of every Silk Road country have understood that the average speed of the caravans is about 30 kilometers and due to that they have tried to build one caravanserai and one water reservoir for the travelers and traders of the Silk Road. Most of such complexes have been destroyed by enemy armies during the last centuries and the Sardoba & Caravanserai of Raboti Malik is one of the few conserved ones.

Sardoba Raboti Malik

Sardoba is translated as “fresh water” from Persian-tajik language. The Sardoba was a water reservoir with a big dome which protected the water from dusts and helped keep the water fresh in deserted areas. Sardobas of Central Asia were built in areas where there was access to water of rivers or where there were natural sources of water.

The Sardoba of Raboti Malik dates back the period of Tamerlane (14th century) and still stands as a good example of well organized travel system on the Silk Road.



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