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Bolo Khauz Mosque | Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide

The legends say that every Friday brilliant red carpet were placed between the Bolo Khauz mosque and the citadel Ark and the emir of Bukhara could arrive to the mosque for realizing his prayer. Bolo Khauz was not the main mosque of the city but its elegant wooden columns show that it was among the principal mosques of the city.


The mosque Bolo Khauz is among a few mosques of Uzbekistan which remained as a religious place for prayers. This small but beautiful mosque, situated right in front of the Ark Citadel was built as a madrasah in the beginning of the 18th century (1712y). The big bazaar between the mosque and Ark had been visited by a large number of people and due to that the emir of Bukhara wanted to transform it to a place for prayers.


Bolo Khauz – the mosque beside a basin is unique with its high wooden columns which are slightly carved and well painted on the top. The local people call it “the mosque with forty columns” but if a foreigner tries to count the number of columns they are only twenty. The tip: in order to see all forty columns you need to be on the other side of the basin. Twenty columns and their shades in the water make forty columns!

The color of water in the basin, beautiful façade of the mosque together with interesting columns makes it a Recommended Place to Visit in Bukhara.




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