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Arashan Lake| Natural Spa| Fergana Guide

Arashan Lake is situated in the region of Namangan in Fergana Valley. The system of the Arashan lakes includes 4 lakes: Arashan, Khoja Arashan, Bolshoy and Maly. All of them are high-mountain lakes of moraine type and are at altitudes from 2774 to 3365 m. The size of the large lake is 750 m in length and 250 m in width. Near the lakes there is a thermal spring, which has a water temperature of 36.7 degrees a year.


The road to the lakes is difficult and it is advisable to take Offroad cars. The initial part of the road runs through the road leading to the Kamchik Pass, the first checkpoint of police, then the road leads to Ertash. On the way, villages with strange names Tanga Topildi (where the coins were found) and Serka Kirildi (case of goats) come across. The long-awaited turn to Ertash, after a little drive, turns to the right, the first border post, successfully overcoming the road. Steep climbs, sharp serpentine alternating highland plateau. The landscape from the landscape section of the Tashkent region turns into a highland Kyrgyzstan. The height is more than 2500m. Slowly the road, going down deep into the gorge of the Angren plateau, drastically goes to the mountains and finally brings to the place of all pilgrims the "radon sources" of Arashan, the height of 2900m. Sources are actually nothing more than hydrogen sulphide and have a constant temperature of 36.70C, regardless of the time of year.


According to another version, this pool was built by the order of local rulers who regularly visited and were treated in these sources. It is necessary to rise a little from the source as soon as a Sufi shrine appears, a huge stone being a tombstone and a grave decorated with horns of a mountain goat. According to legends, this is the grave of St. Arashan.


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