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Aksaray Palace| Shakhrisabz Sights & Attractions Guide

Aksaray means “white palace” translated from Uzbek language. So it was the White Palace of Tamerlane in Shakhrisabz. Accoeding to istorians Aksaray used to be the biggest palace of all history of Central Asia. Tamerlane dreamed of living his last days peacefully in Aksaray. But the history had prepared different destiny to his as well as his palace.

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The biggest palace of Central Asia had been built during 25 years and the construction was finished in 1404, one year before the death of Temur. A Spanish ambassador Rui Gonzales de Clavijo visits Shakhrisabz in 1404 and writes in his memories that the workers were finishing the last decorations of the palace. Besides, Clavijo gives lots of information about the palace its architecture and decorations. According to him the width of the palace was about 300 meters and the entrance portal was about 60-65 meters high. In the palace there were beautiful fountains decorated with ceramics and three small palaces designed for his children, his wives and for himself.

Even though the monument turned into ruins over the last centuries still a little part of its entrance gate is conserved and this small heritage of Temur’s empire deserved to be listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

On the entrance gate of Aksaray there was a golden inscription, words of Temur: “If you doubt about our power, look at the constructions we have built”.




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