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Afrosiyob Museum of History of Samarkand | Samarkand Sights & Attractions

Afrosiyob is the ancient name of worldwide Samarkand and the museum of history of Samarkand is also called Afrosiyob, situated right at the entrance to the ruins of Afrosiyob.

The museum had been built in 1970 with the project of an Armenian Architect Arzumnanyan Bagdasar in the style of 20th century Soviet buildings.

The museum mostly exposes objects found during the excavations of the citadel Afrosiyob, the exhibits include: a big number of ceramic products, straws, knives, ancient coins, household tools etc. Some of the objects are over 2000 years old but the most valuable exhibit of the museum is the frescos (6th-7th centuries). The frescos tell interesting stories about old history of Samarkand. On frescos one can see some legendary animals, ambassadors of neighboring countries coming to see the king of Afrosiab (Samarkand) with gifts, Chinese concubines etc.  

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