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Zerafshan River Uzbekistan / Uzbekistan Nature Guide

Uzbekistan major rivers. Guide to Zerafshan river and nature of Uzbekistan.

Most people have heard of Amu Darya and Syr Darya which are the main rivers of Central Asia. There is another river in Central Asia, namely in Uzbekistan which has been one of the main sources of water in the region. Zarafshan – the third main river of Uzbekistan takes its water from the Tajik Pamir mountains. It passes some 300 kilometers in Tajikistan before entering Uzbekistan. The river runs through the centre of Uzbekistan and passing beside legendary Samarkand it reaches the Amu Darya near Bukhara.

During thousands of years the Zerafshan river has been the major source of life for the valleys of Samarkand. Due to this river Samarkand and its villages could produce great qualuty and quantity of fruits, dry fruits and vegetable wich have been widely known by the travelers of the Great Silk Road. Within the last years the waste waters of the towns and villages were flowing into the Zerafshan river and it had so much negative impact on the quality of the water of the river.

Tours to Zerafshan River

The Zerafshan river is close to some of the main tourist attractions and it permits the local travel operators to combine some fishing activities to the programs of the interested travelers.

Zerafshan River Uzbekistan Facts

Zerafshan River is the 3rd largest river of Uzbekistan After Amu Darya and Sir Darya.

Total basin of Zerafsan river – 4000km2.

Zerafshan river used to have 14 species of water and with the last years changes in water quality has increased the species of fish to 36.

Species of fish in Zerafshan river: pikeperch, Balkhash perch, asp, Aral barbel, razorfish, silver carp and bighead carp immigrated from the Amu-Darya through the Amu-Bukhara canal. Common carp, Herat khramulya,Turkestan barbel, goldfish, silver carp and bighead carp.


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