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Best Time to Travel to Uzbekistan vs Worst Time | CentAsia

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Best time to visit Uzbekistan. Find out which period of the year is the Best or Worst to travel to Uzbekistan and Central Asia, which months are the Hottest or Coldest, which time is Cheapest or most Expensive and how the Special Days and events can affect to your trip in Uzbekistan.

Worst time to visit Uzbekistan

Depending on what kind of traveler you are any period of the year can be the worst or the best to travel to Uzbekistan. If you would like to visit the country during the highest season you will have a wonderful temperature but some places may get overcrowded and if you’d like to visit Uzbekistan when there’s not much crowd the weather may not be the best.

Chilly Cold

From the beginning of November the temperature in Uzbekistan starts getting colder though November is not yet too bad to travel in Uzbekistan compared to December, January and February. These last three months have the coldest temperature of the year and you need to have one of these 3 reasons for deciding to travel in Uzbekistan during this Chilly Cold period:

  1. You want to visit Uzbekistan when the attractions are nearly empty;
  2. You want to visit a Buzkashi game which is organized mainly during this period;
  3. You want to go skiing in the mountains of Tashkent and combine it with some cultural visits.

Chilly Hot

The hottest time of the year in Uzbekistan starts by the end of July and ends by the beginning of August. Though all summer months in Uzbekistan tend to be hot, the temperature gets extremely high during the last week of July and the first week of August.

Special Days & Events

Special events, holidays and festivals can make your trip the Worst or the Best depending on what you like. During the Independence Day (September 1), Navruz (March 21), Festival of Silk & Spices (last few days of May in Bukhara), the festival of Oriental Melodies (end of August in Samarkand, every two years) the cities can get crowded with participants and people who come to celebrate these events. If you like festivities, lots of music & dance these days are perfect for you. But if you want to be far from any noise or crowded places you better schedule your trip to a different period.

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, the heart of Central Asia with its more than 2500 year old cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva gives the possibilities of visiting the finest architectural jewels amongst the Silk Road countries classified by UNESCO, camel riding in the desert with nightlife in nomadic yurts, the cemetery of boats of the Aral Sea basin, trekking in the desert and in the mountains and for the winter sport lovers some ski resorts in the mountains close to the capital city Tashkent.

Climate & seasons

Uzbekistan has four seasons. Winter being cold and hot summers, spring and autumn are characterized as mild and agreeable.

Weather wise the best times to travel to Uzbekistan are spring and autumn when temperatures are pleasant and in the range of 18 - 27 degree Celsius. The hottest months are July and August  when the temperature may reach 45 degree C. Winter can be a good choice only for those who love cold weather and winter sports and also this is the time when there’s no any crowd at main sites of the country and you may cut the prices up to 50 percent.

Best time to visit Uzbekistan

The best time to visit Uzbekistan is during spring and autumn, late March to early June & late August to late November. If you want to save some money and can bear an unexpected, sometimes ideal weather visit Uzbekistan in early March and during summer months. Even if the summer months are hot the mornings till 11 am and from 4 pm you may have wonderful time for doing your visits.

Best months to visit Uzbekistan | Worst time to travel in Uzbekistan

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