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Wi-Fi in Uzbekistan

Internet and wi-fi facilities in uzbekistan. Uzbekistan internet speed. Wi-fi in public places, hotels and guesthouses in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is a newly developing Travel Destination for different types of tours. While all the local people can get easy access to internet with Cellular phones practically all hotels are equipped with internet. Especially, in tourist areas most of the businesses (restaurant, café, souvenir shop etc.) have wi-fi which offers several options for having free internet facilities.

Is internet fast in Uzbekistan?

The internet in Uzbekistan is not among the fastest in the world but it is good enough for checking the mails, using social media etc. It is true that it can be slow for people who need it for professional purposes. Besides, the smaller hotels have the wi-fi only at the lobby and the internet may not work in the rooms. It means that “further from the lobby, slower the internet be”.

Is there wI-fi in Uzbek hotels?

Today there is almost no hotel in Uzbekistan which does not have wi-fi. But, still no one can refuse the fact that there are still some too-soviet-style hotels in some remote areas and only they may not have the wi-fi. Only the people who are traveling off beaten tracks may find some hotels without internet and main travel destinations of the country are ready to offer all best facilities to their customers.

Is there wi-fi in Uzbek B&B, guestouses?

The Guesthouses in main cities have wi-fi but it may not exist at guesthouses in mountainous or deserted regions. These places may also have limited electricity supply which makes the internet unavailable or limited. The numerous Yurt Camps also do not have any internet access and probably that fact makes them be really typical places far from modernity, big noisy cities etc.

Do I have to pay for wi-fi in Uzbekistan?

The wi-fi is almost always free in the country. No restaurant or hotel is going to ask you to pay “extra” for using the wi-fi. You can only be asked to do some payment if you use their computer/ notebook etc.

Is wi-fi common in public places in Uzbekistan?

The country is developing fast and the public places are tending to have more wi-fi than ever. You can find it near universities, big trade complexes of Tashkent or some Top-Popular-Monuments of Samarkand & Bukhara. In brief, regardless some exceptions wi-fi can easily be found in the popular tourist destinations of Uzbekistan.


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