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Voz Island | Vozrozhdeniya Island | Anthrax Island | Uzbekistan Guide

The Rebirth Island - Vozrozhdenye. The story of the Anthrax island and the ghost city in the Aral Sea.

Where is Voz Island situated?

The Vos island is situated some 3000kms far from Moscow, in the territory of the Aral Sea and now is split between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Voz is the short version of Vozrozhdenye which is translated from russian as Rebirth/ Renaissance.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/cd/Modis_aral.jpg/300px-Modis_aral.jpg Voz Island

What is Voz Island?

The Rebirth island was quite small with territory of only 200 square kilometres (77 sq mi). But when the Arla Sea started drying the Voz island grew up simulataneousy. As far as the Aral Sea continued disappearing the Voz island became larger and larger, finally becoming a big peninula.

The Voz is the result of the Military Researches of the Soviet Empire in the 20th century. In the 1920s Russians leaders started researches for producing and testing biological arms. For this purpose they have tried to establish such a labaratory somewhere in Russian territories. It was planned to build this labaratory near Lake Baikal and other places but finally they decide to create it deep in the centre of the empire, far from neigboring countries.

After several attempts in the 1950s the Soviets had chosen this isolated island and had created a biological weapons test site. Before the construction of this military site the island was small with a surface of about 200 km2. But in the 1960s the Aral Sea was shrinking rather fast and the territory of the Vozrozhdenie isaland was getting larger. Later, with disappearance of Aral Sea’s water it became a peninsula and by 2000s with no water around the Voz Island just became a part of steppes of Central Asia.

Abandoned in 1990s after the end of the Soviet Union.

Travel to Voz Island - Kantubek

rebirth vos island

Kentubek is the name of a small town in the Rebirth Island where the scientists have been accommodated. In the official Soviet sources the city was called Aralsk-7. The city was inhabited by over 1500 people and included a stadium, several shops and schools. The climatic conditions in the Rebirth island were severe and the temperature changed very fast. After the closing of Kantubek its population has been evacuated condamning it to be another Ghost city.

The government of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan do not recommend travelers visiting the Voz Island. Even if there is possible no health warnings due to the tested diseases anyway being a land with almost no vegetation extreme temperatures, its geographic location etc. make it non-visiting site.


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