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Visa to Uzbekistan | Rules of Entry | Customs Office | Required Documents

Uzbekistan visa. Uzbekistan visa fee. Uzbekistan visa on arrival. Uzbekistan visa check and Lettter of Invitation (LOI). Travelers of certain countries are required to have valid visa to enter Uzbekistan.

The visa-free regime is set for Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine and the citizens of these countries are not required to have visa to enter Uzbekistan.
For the citizens of Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, France, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Japan the country offers a simplified procedure for issuing visas. The travelers from these countries are issued their visas for up to 1 month without any official Letter of Invitation. The citizens of other countries are required to have a Letter of Invitation from a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan.

Note: in addition to these countries from February 10, 2018 Uzbekistan offers visa free and simplified visa system to the citizens of 46 other states.

Uzbekistan Letter of Invitation (LOI)
The process for preparing the LOI takes 3-5 days. Flight tickets itinerary or flight reservation form is required only if visa is to be obtained upon arrival at the International Airports of Uzbekistan. Notte: CentAsia Voyages can prepare your Letter if Invitation free of charge as a part of your trip.

In order to apply for the visa, the travelers must to submit the following documents to the diplomatic representation of Uzbekistan abroad:

· passport or document of stateless person, expiry date of the passport must be no less than 3 months longer than the validity period of the visa;
· 2 copies of duly completed visa application form
· 2 passport-size colored photos (in color, front view and with a plain/white background)

For getting any personal information you can contacts us or contact the Embassy or Consulate of Uzbekistan in your country.

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