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Vegetarian foods in Uzbekistan / Guide to Uzbek Vegan Cuisine | What to Eat

Vegetarian food in Uzbekistan. Uzbek vegetarian meals, Vegetarian food in restaurants and hotels of Uzbekistan, Vegetarian meals of Uzbekistan Airways, Uzbekistan dishes for travelers visiting Uzbekistan as a vegetarian.

Our historians state that before the arrival of the Genghis Khan’s army in Central Asia the locals used to eat much more vegetables than meat products. Moreover, Uzbekistan is a home to fertile and generous land which give millions of tons of vegetables and fruits to the local bazaars. In brief, finding vegetarian food in Uzbekistan is not difficult at all if you are easy-going and if you can find your food in supermarkets or bazaars but this can become a more complicated issue if you are planning to eat all the time restaurants.

Vegetarian foods in Uzbekistan  Vegetarian foods in Uzbekistan

Can I find vegetarian food in Uzbekistan’s Restaurants?

Finding a pure vegetarian restaurant in Uzbekistan is hard work to do, but it does not mean that it is unavailable in the restaurants of the country. You can be sure that 99 percent of the local Uzbek restaurants are more than flexible with their menu and they can always prepare you some Vegan food. The only matter is that the vegetarian food is not common in the country and it is usually not written in the menu. So you have to be able to ask for your veggie food and the language barrier is the only problem you’re going to face. If you will be traveling in a group you only need to inform your preference of food to your tour guide and you will be saved. If not, lots of restaurants (especially in tourist areas) have menus in English and with photos that you can look at. You will always find some fresh or hot salads, some bread…

Vegetarian Food in Uzbekistan’s Hotels

The breakfasts at hotels are often rich and normally no one will have difficulty in finding the right thing to eat. If you will be staying in a smaller hotel or guest house then you need to tell them about the type of breakfast you prefer and you will have absolutely no problem.

Is Uzbekistan meat-eaters’ country?

Vegetarian foods in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan people adore meat food. Due to this fact almost any local restaurant has menus filled with types of Shashlik (Kebab) but with the time the things are also changing. Now, most of the restaurants have Vegetable Shashlik etc. No one can refuse the truth that Uzbekistan offers more varied cuisine for carnivores but still there is no Uzbek home without fruits or dry, water melon or melons all year round!

Veggie Uzbek Foods

  1. Vegetable Shashlik
  2. Vegetable Manti (dumplings with pumpking, potatoes etc)
  3. Vegetarian Samsa (Pastry baked with vegetables)
  4. Vegetarion Plov (meat is replaced with dried apricots)
  5. Chakka (thick creamy yoghurt with greens, spices and garlic)
  6. Greek Salad
  7. Vegetarian Dimlama (stewed vegetables)
  8. Great bread and delicious Desserts 

Vegetarian Meals on Uzbekistan Airways

The national company Uzbekistan Airways can prepare special food following your preference and here is the list of the Special food they offer free of charge:

Vegetarian (Asian) – all kinds of products produced as a result of killing animals, fowls and crustaceans are excluded. And also products of animal origin, including fat, meat jelly, bouillons, and gravies are not served.

Indian – beef, veal, extracts are excluded.

Muslim – pork and fish without scales are excluded.

Strict vegetarian – only herbal products.

Vegetarian (dairy products) – all kinds of products made of meat, fowls, mollusks, fresh fish are excluded.

Vegetarian (no dairy products) - all kinds of products made of meat, fowls, mollusks, fresh fish, milk, cheese, eggs, honey are excluded.

Cosher meal (produced in Israel);

Besides, there is a special menu for kids.



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