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Uzbekistan Travel Tips & Rules | Restrictions, Registration, Customs office

Uzbekistan travel information. Customs office, hotel regitration, money exchange, ATMs and more.

Practical Information and useful tips for your Uzbekistan tour include information about the things you have to know about the country you are going to visit. They help you recognize your rights and responsibilities as a traveler in Uzbekistan.

Before Leaving

Before arriving in Uzbekistan every traveler is required to have Valid Uzbekistan Visa and the passport must be valid at least 3 months after your return. The Tourist Visa for Uzbekistan can be obtained at embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan in your country. The visa process takes on average one week time. Note: if you live in a country where there is no Uzbek Embassy you can obtain the Visa at the Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the International Airport of Tashkent. This possibility does not apply to travelers entering Uzbekistan through land borders.  

The Visa application can be downloaded online or in person at the Uzbek embassy. If your visa will expire before your departure from Uzbekistan this may be subject to penalty.

Restrictions on Travelers’ Medicaments

All tranquilizing and pain relieving medicaments are prohibited or limited to bring in Uzbekistan. If you have such kind of medicaments you are required to declare it at the customs office and you need to have your doctor’s prescription in your own language. Not declaring all medicaments which contain psychotropic elements or not having the proper prescription may cause criminal charges. See the list of restricted medicaments here.

Essential Rules at Uzbek Customs Office

When you arrive at the Uzbek Customs you have to fill Declaration Paper in two copies (you have to keep one till the end of your trip). The highlight of the declaration is the amount of money you are bringing in the country. If you will be leaving the country with more amount of money than you have brought in you may need to demonstrate the documents which certify from where you have got them. It will not cause you any problem but it will cost some lost time.


All foreigners arriving in Uzbekistan are required to be registered at Immigration Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with 3 days period.

Exporting Souvenirs and Crafts Products from Uzbekistan

When you buy souvenirs in Uzbekistan you do not need any documents for small souvenirs. All crafts products of cultural value produced 50+years ago can not be exported from Uzbekistan. If you buy some valuable products (carpets, ceramics, miniature paintings etc.) you must get a certificate from the vendor which proves that this is an object of mass-production. If you don’t have this certificate, for some reason, you can an expert of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan at the International Airport of Tashkent. This service will cost a fee (following the value of your object) but it will economize you lots of time-saving interrogation.

Money Exchange, ATMs, Credit Cards

You can change money at exchange offices or any banks of the country. The bank or exchange office gives you certificate about the change and you need to keep this if you may need to change your remaining local money into US Dollars. Note: old banknotes (printed before 1996), worn out, with handwriting on, torn banknotes may not be accepted at exchange offices. Only the offices of the National Bank of Uzbekistan change this money with 10% fee. The ATMs and credit cards are not common and travelers in Uzbekistan are advised to have enough cash money on them. The smallest denomination bills (1$) are not much appreciated by local businesses and larger denomination bills (10-20-100) are easier to use.

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