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Uzbekistan Dress Code / What to Wear in Uzbekistan / Travel Tips

Travelers' dress code in Uzbekistan. What to pack for Uzbekistan, what to wear in Uzbekistan, traditional clothes, dress code for men, dress code for women, dress code in sacred places of Uzbekistan, wearing shorts & other restrictions. Uzbekistan clothing for western travelers.

As a new travel destination Uzbekistan is now being visited by hundreds of thousands of travelers coming from 5 continents of the world and obviously every visitor coming to Uzbekistan thinks about planning everything for a perfect Silk Road trip. When it comes to packing all of them think about what to take and what they can wear in Uzbekistan. Here you’ll have answers to your questions about dressing etiquette & dress code in Uzbekistan for travelers..

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Traditional Clothes of Uzbekistan

As a country with quite a long history Uzbekistan has its own unique traditional clothes and mostly it consists of traditional suits "Chapan" and black-and-white headwear “Doppi - Tibuteika” for men and long colorful clothes with wide trousers for women. The Uzbek traditional clothes have several elements of different cultures of the world which is the result of the huge Silk Road heritage of the country.

Do the Uzbeks wear their traditional clothes?

The Uzbeks love and respect their traditions and wearing traditional clothes is common in the country. Even if in big cities people are dresses purely in western style anyway the rural areas still continue keeping some elements of traditional clothing. The Uzbekis traditional dress code is quite important during local festivities and national ceremonies. In Uzbekistan the traditional clothes are not just history but they are still alive. Moreover, the last few years wearing traditional clothes and making clothes from traditional fabrics have become a big fashion. Today every traveler in Samarkand, Bukhara or Tashkent can see young married couples dressed traditionally for doing special photo sessions. 

Somehow it seems like most of the younger people tend to be as modern as possible whereas the elder people are still loyal to their national clothes.

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What I have to wear when I’m visiting mausoleums and mosques in Uzbekistan?

As a former Soviet Union Republic Uzbekistan is a peculiar country and no one is asked or required to wear religious clothes in Uzbekistan. But when you will be visiting spiritual places in Uzbekistan you can follow some simple rules which show your respect to the local people and to their traditions. These are the simple clothing rules:

- Taking off your shoes when entering some monuments (if there are carpets);

- Covering shoulders and knees in sacred places (both for men and women);

Can Travelers Wear Shorts in Uzbekistan?

Yes, as a traveler you can wear shorts in Uzbekistan but it still depends on which part of Uzbekistan you will be visiting. When you will be in bigger cities and main tourist areas you can just wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. But if you are going to small towns, remote villages & off beaten tracks you have bear in mind that the population of such places are still strong traditionalists and CentAsia Voyages advices you to wear longer clothes (trousers) in such areas. Though you will feel definitely no negative attitude from the locals, you need to understand that this can be a true cultural shock for them. It still does not mean that you have to be completely covered with clothes. You can wear longer shorts or t-shirts with short or no sleeves just it should not be "TOO OPEN".

Are there any Clothing Restrictions for Women in Uzbekistan?

There are no strict rules of clothing for women in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Dress Code for Women

While there are no exact obligations for Women-Dress-Code-in-Uzbekistan women are only asked to follow the simple dressing etiquette which is normal in every developing country: not to wear too short, not to wear to open etc. Loose clothes, cotton trousers, shirts with long sleeves, sunglasses against the sun are just great for walking in Uzbek cities and villages and they protect you from the sun too.

Uzbekistan Dress Code for Men

Men are also free to choose what to wear during their Uzbekistan Tour and they are only asked to prevent themselves from wearing too short shorts in spiritual, sacred and isolated places.

uzbekistan dress uzbekistan dress uzbekistan dress

What to Pack for Uzbekistan

Note: Every two days when you move from one city to another you’ll be happy for your small and light luggage without having the hassle of travelling with heavy luggage and being obliged to repack it every couple of days.

So what to take to travel in Uzbekistan?

Take long sleeve shirts. Long sleeve shirts are good during all the seasons. It is perfect for spring and autumn and good when it is cold as well as protects you from the scorching, torrid sun.

Jeans are not recommended during summer months as Uzbekistan tends to be really hot in summer. You can always pack some shorts during hot months. Shorts are not recommended to wear in remote villages but in bigger cities it’s the king in summer.

Tour programs in Uzbekistan often permit you to enjoy swimming and if swimming is planned to be a part of you Uzbekistan travel take a pair of quick drying swim wear.

If you can, always take a pair of sandals even if you will not be traveling during hottest months because you will be visiting lots of mosques and mausoleums in Uzbekistan and often you will need to take your shoes off. It is easier than taking off any shoes upon entry to mosques. What is more, they don’t take much space.

If you are traveling during a late autumn or early spring a waterproof jacket can save you from cool weather and at the same time from possible rains. April and October are called the Rainy Season in Uzbekistan.

You understand well that your health is more important than anything else. And this is you, who knows your health better than anyone else. So make your own small medical kit on your own without just following what people speak. Consult with your doctor and do it depending on your needs for keeping a normal health condition. Uzbekistan has really advanced healthcare system but preparing your own Med Kit for your trip is the best. Your Medical Kit for Uzbekistan should include: creams for protecting yourself from the sun, pills for flu and diarrhoea, for sore throat head and toothache, disinfectants, something against insects etc.

Note: do not forget the razor, camera, chargers/ batteries of all the devices you take. You may also probably need an international plug adaptor. Your devices should meet the electricity standards of Uzbekistan. (adaptors, sockets…)

Dress code for western travelers in Uzbekistan

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