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Uzbekistan Travel Budget | Costs in Uzbekistan | Guide to Rates

Uzbekistan travel budget. How much food, entrance tickets to attraction cost in Uzbekitan. Budget tour packages to Uzbekistan.

Is Uzbekistan an expensive country to travel? It simply depends on what is expensive for you and what not. For helping you have an idea about price of things in Uzbekistan CentAsia Voyages prepared a short list of activities and their prices that you will experience during your Uzbekistan Tour.

The cost of accommodation in Uzbekistan can vary between 8 and 140 US Dollars for double occupancy.

Free Visits & Activities for travelers in Uzbekistan

Cost of Food in Uzbekistan

Eating in Uzbekistan is generally cheap enough because this sunny country produces nearly all agricultural products for its markets and almost no food is imported. So the cost of food can be between 2 and 10 dollars. Even if you want to eat in a very chic restaurant the price can hardly go over 10$.

A combination of tea, bread, salad and some main dish costs about 3-5$ in a simple restaurant or teahouse. The same thing can cost about 4-6$ in a very good restaurant in the center of old cities.

  • Mineral Water (1,5L) – 20 cents
  • Good Coffee (Americano, Espresso, Cappucino) –  1-2 US Dollars
  • Beer –  1-2 US Dollars
  • Bottle of Vodka and Wine – 5-7 US Dollars

Cost of Entry Tickets to Monuments in Uzbekistan

Travelers in Uzbekistan have to buy individual tickets for each monument but in Bukhara and Khiva one can buy a ticket which is available for the whole city. If you are going to visit the main travel destinations of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva) the entrance tickets cost around 55$ total.

If you will be visiting Ferghana Valley, or Shakhrisabz, Nukus or Termez in the south of Uzbekistan you can count 5-8$ more for each. The desert fortresses of ancient Khorezm can be visited free of charge and only visiting Toprak Kala costs about 0,5$.

Climbing the minarets and observation towers in Uzbekistan cost extra payment from 50 cents to 1 US Dollar.

Cost of Transport in Uzbekistan

Taxi in big cities cost about 20 cents per kilometer but you often need to negotiate the price before getting in the taxi. Transfers from Airport/Train Stations to Hotels and vice versa cost from 4 to 10 US Dollars, depending on the distance.

Public transport (bus, metro, trolleybus) in Uzbekistan costs about 20 cents.

Flights for coming in and out of Uzbekistan from any airport in Europe and Asia cost roughly about 500 US Dollars. And probably, flying with Russian Air Companies is easier as there are direct flights to several Uzbek cities from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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