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Uzbekistan SIM Card | How to Buy Uzbek SIM Card

Uzbekistan sim card for foreigners. Buying a sim card in Uzbekistan. International calls, the cost of a sim card, cheapest mobile operators in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is one of the countries where Mobile Connections are the cheapest in the world. Normally most of the calls within Uzbekistan cost about 0,01 - 0,02 USSD for one-minute-call. So, buying a local SIM card in Uzbekistan and taking advantage of inexpensive rates can be quite interesting.

What are the advantages of Uzbek SIM Cards?

Once you have a SIM card it works in all regions of the country. It is possible to buy the Uzbek SIM Card 0,00 $ balance and you can fill it however you want following your needs. And putting some money into your balance is very easy, you just need to go to any of the PAYNET kiosks/shops, tell them your phone number and pay the amount of money you want. And you’ll get it immediately.

How much the International calls cost?

International calls from Uzbekistan cost different sum of money following your local Mobile Operator and the country you’re calling to. For example, if you have a SIM of one of the local telecommunications providers UCELL the international calls to former CIS countries cost from 0,29 USSD per minute and the calls to Europe or Americas cost from 0,77 USSD. Note: the costs for calls change often and for the up-to-date prices you have to contact the SIM Selling Points when you will be in Uzbekistan.

Can Foreigners Buy SIM Cards in Uzbekistan and Where to Buy Uzbek SIM Card?

The Uzbek Mobile Operators did not sell SIM Cards to non-residents of Uzbekistan. But in some places the travelers could find small businesses where they are selling SIM cards without any registration to residents and non-residents of Uzbekistan. The foreigners were able to buy SIM cards at the main offices of local Communication Operators only by showing the “Certificate of Registration of your Hotel/s”. This certificate proves that you have been registered at your hotel and it gives you the right to buy a local SIM card. Our customers had the possibility of getting local SIM cards in bazaar Chorsu of and Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent. Some hotels of Samarkand and Bukhara also could offer the service of buying getting local SIM cards.

Note: from March 2018 the mobile operators of Uzbekistan started selling Sim Cards to foreigners for a peroid of 30 days. The Special Package for foreigners includes minutes and internet traffic. The Travelers' SIm Cards can be found at airports, train stations and popular tourist areas. The Travelers' Sim Cards are registered with the passport of the buyer. Besides, the mobile operators offer renting 2 types of mobile phone for using witin the country.

How Much a SIM Card costs in Uzbekistan?

The SIM cards are inexpensive to buy. They cost from 1 to 2 US Dollars when you, plus a few dollars to fill the balance. The price can be different following the package you buy.

Uzbekistan Mobile Operators










Which is the Best Uzbek Mobile Operator?

The prices of all mobile operators seem to be more or less the same but each of them has its own advantages:

  • Ucell as antennes in most of Uzbekistan and Ucell SIMs work in the desert and some mountainous villages.
  • Beeline is possibly the most optimal operator for International calls to Russia and former CIS countries.
  • UMS used to be the largest and most reliable Mobile Operator of the country and it has good 3G Internet connection.
  • UzMobile is the youngest and probably the most dynamic one. It is the best for people who need to have good and cheap 3G Internet all the time and it works in all Uzbekistan. With about 10$ you can have around 23000 MB Internet traffic.

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