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Uzbekistan Events, Exhibitions and Festivals Calendar 2018-2019

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The festivals of Uzbekistan 2018-2019 - Navruz, Silk and Spices festival in Bukhara, festival of Oriental Dances in Khiva, the festival of Oriental Melodies in Samarkand, Buzkashi game and more.


March 21. The second half of March all Uzbekistan’s people start preparations for welcoming one of the main events of the year – Navruz; so-called the oriental new year. Apart from traditional Central Asian family celebration all cities of the country will be covered with music and dance shows all around

Silk and Spice festival

Bukhara, May - June. Every year the city of Bukhara welcomes thousands of people from the whole world during its outstanding Festival of Silk & Spices. The last years the festival is organized on May 26-28.

Festival of Oriental Dances.

Khiva, June – September. Yearly, festival organized in te ancient city of Khiva.

Day of Memory and Honour

9th of May. The day of Commemoration of the victims of the World War II. Military parades can be organized in the main cities of the country.

Chimgan’s Echo festival

Tashkent, Chimgan mountains, first week of June. Amazing landscape of the mountains with a lively Open Air music festival together with mountain bike downhill race makes a combination of an unforgettable experience of any Uzbekistan trip.

Chimgan Extreme

February, Chimgan mountains. Winter sports festival near Tashkent. Great event for enjoying winter sport games.

Oriental Melodies – Sharq Taronalari

Samarkand. Every second year the city of Samarkand hosts its main festival – Festival of Oriental Melodies. The festival attracts hundreds of Folk groups from more than 120 countries of the world.

Bazaar Art

Tashkent, November. Bazaar Art is one of the main events for creators & lovers of traditional arts and crafts of Uzbekistan. The exhibition demonstrates the masterpieces of famous and skilled artists and craftsmen of all Central Asia.

Buzkashi Games

Samarkand, from November 5 to March 20. This most ancient game of the people of Central Asia is still widely organized in the mountainous villages around Samarkand and in the south of Uzbekistan. In these places Buzkashi so-called Kopkari or Uloq accompanies every uzbek marriage and other fiestivities.

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