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Uzbek National Holidays, Typical Festivities and Events 2018 -2019

Uzbekistan holidays, festivals and events 2018 - 2019. Calendar of Uzbekistan holidays and festivities.

Like every country Uzbekistan also has its own national and typical holidays and has internationally celebrated holidays. The International holidays and festivities arrived in Uzbekistan and Central Asia with the arrival of Russian conquerors. The country’s traditional festivities are more connected to the religion and beliefs of the Uzbeks as well as to the environment surrounding their lives. From history we know that people used to organize special events, festivities and parties dedicated to the nature or to animals etc.

The Oldest Holidays and Festivities of Uzbekistan

One of the oldest and traditional festivities of Uzbeks has been the harvest day. As Uzbekistan has mostly had a rural economy during hundreds of years for the locals the harvest day was the main event and the main day for the local people. The harvest meant to them money, food, financial freedom and some joy.

Another main Uzbek fest is associated with the marriages and the sports competitions organized during the weddings. Still in rural Uzbekistan (especially in the south) people keep these traditions and most of the weddings are accompanied with national games like Buzkashi, dog fights etc.

Calendar of Holidays 2018 – 2019

Uzbekistan Holidays in January 2018 -2019

1 January

The New Year

New Year Tour in Uzbekistan

14 January

Day of the Defenders of the Motherland – Day of the Men
Initially it was the celebration of the foundation of the National Army of Uzbekistan. Today it is celebrated as the day of all Men in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Winter Tour


Uzbekistan Holidays in March 2018 - 2019

8 March

International Women's Day
The 8th of March could become of the main holidays of the year thought it is rather new holiday for the Uzbekistan which arrived with the Russians in the last few decades.

21 March

Nawruz - Navroz
Uzbekistan Navruz tours

Navruz is the Zoroastrian New Year (called also the Persian new year). In Uzbekistan the Nawruz is celebrated widely and this is one of the greatest times to visit Uzbekistan. During Nawruz all cities will be covered with national games, dance and music shows as well as master classes of traditional Uzbek food.


Uzbekistan Holidays in May 2018 - 2019

9 May

Day of Commemoration of the Victims of the Second World War

According to the statistics, during the second world war Uzbekistan has lost over 60% of its population and the nineth of may I dedicated for them.

The end of May

Silk and Spice Festival 2018 - 2019
Uzbekistan Tour to the Festival of Silk & Spices

Every year in the end of May the city of Bukhara hosts a very unique festival which ha become tremendously popular since 2016.


Uzbekistan Holidays in August 2018 - 2019


Sharq Tarolanari – Melodies of the East 2019
Uzbekistan Cultural Tours

Every second year Samarkand receives thousands of visitors from the whole world to its greatest music festival – The Melodies of the East. This I a very special event for everyone to see some world famous musicians and artistic groups acting in front of the amazing monuments of Samarkand.


Uzbekistan Holidays in September 2018 2019

1 September

The Independence Day of Uzbekistan
August 3, 1991 Uzbekistan was proclaimed as an independent country and the first of September the whole country celebrates the main national holiday of the country.


Uzbekistan Holidays in December 2018 - 2019

8 December

The Constitution Day



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