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Uzbek Alcohol / Drinks in Uzbekistan | Drinks Guide & What to Drink

Uzbekistan alcoholic drinks. Can you drink alcohol in Uzbekistan? Alcohol conumption in Uzbekistan for travelers. What are the popular drinks and popular beer, wine, vodka in Uzbekistan?

The Spanish ambassador Rui Gonzales de Clavijo visited Samarkand in the beginning of the 15th century and in his memories he has written that one would not see alcohol on the markets of Central Asia at these times. Anyway, from the history of Uzbekistan we know that small production of local types wines have been produced for individual consumption and sometimes probably for palaces and harems. Only by the end of the 19th century after the occupation of Uzbekistan and Central Asia by Russian Tsarist army commercial production of alcoholic drinks have been launched by the Russians in Central Asia. As it was written in the memories of travelers of these times “Almost nowhere Central Asia there were libraries but everywhere there were Russian settlements with a few places for producing alcohol”.

uzbek wine and alcohol uzbekistan beer vodka

International alcohol producers do not have much success in Uzbekistan due to very reasonable prices of the local producers.

Do the Uzbeks Drink Alcohol?

Uzbekistan used to live under Russian and Soviet Regulations for more than 100 years and people drink alcohol. In the country beer is accepted as soft drink and it ii easiest to find in shops, cafes and restaurants. Vodka is probably the most popular strong alcohol and is accepted as main alcohol for men while wine (especially sweet sorts) is considered to be the drink of festivities for women.

Can Foreigners Drink Alcohol in Uzbekistan?

As a peculiar country Uzbekistan does not put any restrictions in drinking alcohol. Foreigners in Uzbekistan as well as the locals can buy beer in most of the shops and vodka and wine can be found in special “Alcohol shops”. The sellers in Uzbekistan do not have the right to sell alcoholic products to people under 18.

Tip for finding alcohol shops in Uzbekistan

 The only main tip is – do not search alcohol shops near schools or kindergartens because as a rule an Alcohol Shop in Uzbekistan must be minimum 500 meters far from such establishments.

Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks in Uzbekistan

The drinks can be expensive or cheap and often the higher price does not guaranty the highest quality. While this is very personal to everyone we have decided to give you the more common and popular drinks in Uzbekistan. So this is the local taste:

Most Popular Uzbek Vodka


“Medowaya”, “Samarkand”


Most Popular Uzbek Beer



Most Popular Uzbek Wine



Original Uzbek Alcohol & Drinks


Brandy “Balsam Samarkand”


Khovrenko Winery Factory in Samarkand

Uzbekistan can be proud of the quality of its grapes which are largely used for making Dry Raisins and a little for making wine. Among lots of wineries of Uzbekistan the most ancient probable the most famous is the Khovrenko Winery factory of Samarkand. The winery has won lots of international prizes for quality and they continue producing lots of types of wine from local grape varieties and they produce successfully several sorts of Vodka too. The local sort of brandy “Balsam Samarkand” is one of the most original drinks of the factory. The Balsam Samarkand is also called “the Elexir of Youth” as it is produced with combination various mountain herbs. Samarkand Winery Khovrenko is always open for visitors who want to make a “Wine Tasting in Samarkand”.

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