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Tips and Myths to Eat in Uzbekistan | Uzbekistan Food Guide

Important facts about eating in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan food cost, eating tips and food during Ramadan.

Culinary traditions of each country are somehow unique and they are considered as very important part of every trip. Here you will have some interesting information and tips about eating in Uzbekistan.

Uzbek food guide

Do the Uzbeks cook with Cotton Seed Oil?

People in Uzbekistan used to cook mainly with cotton seed oil which is stronger and more difficult to digest but currently 95% of Uzbek cuisine is cooked with cotton seed oil and with some olive oil.

Do the Uzbeks eat Fat of Sheep during every food?

The food of Uzbekistan may seem a little bit oily for western people but in the restaurants in tourist areas are very much accustomed to cook the national meals in more western way.

Are the restaurants in Uzbekistan closed during Ramadan?

During Ramadan only a few small teahouses may limit the number food but in general it does not have any impact on the activity of restaurants.

Should I leave tips in a restaurant in Uzbekistan?

The tips are often included in the bill as service charge but you can still leave something if you truly enjoy the food.

Do the Uzbeks eat Pork?

As a peculiar country and as ex-Soviet republic the citizens of Uzbekistan do not feel any food restrictions. Most of the Uzbeks eat pork.

Is Food Expensive in Uzbekistan?

Food is not expensive in Uzbekistan. The cost of good lunch (bread, mineral water, beer, some meal) can be under 5$.

Uzbek Food Facts and Tips

Tip1. In some local teahouses people can eat with their hands and normally there is no knife on the table. If you can’t cope without a knife you need to ask the waiter/ress.

Tip2. The Uzbeks are very open people and when they meet foreigners in local restaurants they are often eager to offer a cup of Vodka (or similar). You can accept it but never agree to keep drinking with them. Drinking process may last very long time!

Tip3. You may sometimes see drunk people in restaurants but you do not see the bottle of Alcohol..? In isolated areas people are very traditionalist and they don’t want to show that they are drinking alcohol. So their alcohol is served in teapots!!!

Tip4. Ask the price of each meal and salad before eating; if you have any doubts about the bills!

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