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Tipping in Uzbekistan/ Travel Etiquette

Tiiping in Uzbekistan. Tipping at hotels and restaurants of Uzbekistan and tips - gratuities for drivers and guides.

Uzbekistan is an amazing travel destination which is not yet on everyone’s list. Uzbekistan can be a unique place with its beautiful Oriental Architecture, Rich local Culture and History. Though tipping in Uzbekistan is not compulsory this is always appreciated. On Silk Road every person who offered some good quality service expected to have little bonus! So, CentAsia Voyages believes that tipping is not a western invention. It is something which has existed for years along the Silk Road.

Tipping a Hotel, Restaurant in Uzbekistan

Most of the local restaurants and teahouses charge 10-15% for their services and this is accepted as the Tip for them. But when the customer is pleased with the service and/or food some little tip is usually given (5% of the total cost).

Tipping in hotels is not common and not expected.

Tipping a Tour Guide and Driver in Uzbekistan

Tipping a local Tour Guide or Driver in Uzbekistan highly depends on if you liked their services or not, like in any other place. But today, with rapidly increasing number of new travel agencies and extreme competition among local tour providers is somehow decreasing the prices of tours in Uzbekistan and due to that the Private Guide & Driver may sometimes accept the Tips as a part of their salaries. In general people tip in Uzbekistan $2-$5 per person, per day for a private driver and $5-$10 dollars per person and per day for a private tour guide

Tipping in Us Dollars or Euros is appreciated.

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