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The Uzbek Bread, Nan / Myths, Types and Tips

The Uzbeak bread. Types of bread in Uzbekistan. The bread traditions in Uzbekistan.

uzbek bread

Bread in Uzbekistan is called “Non” like Nan in India. Bread accompanies every Uzbek in every period of his/her life. When someone is born, the baby smells the fresh bread; before marriages the engagement is confirmed by bread broken by the father of the bride; the person who is leaving far from home to a long period of time bites the edge of one bread this bread will be kept until he comes back… Simply, bread is not only a part of Uzbek cuisine but it is a very essential part of the Uzbek spirituality too.

The Uzbek Traditions Related to Bread

  • In Uzbekistan bread is accepted as the most perfect gift to bring to friends etc. When the local people go for traveling somewhere the first thing they bring home is the bread of this place.
  • The Uzbeks, as a rule, nearly all the time have bread on the table. When someone visits this home he/she doesn’t leave without tasting that bread, even if this person has come for 2 minutes.
  • Most Uzbeks (mainly in rural areas) still bake their breads at home in their traditional Tandyr – Oven. Tandyr or Tandoor has become a part of decorations of Uzbek gardens.

Types of Bread in Uzbekistan

The types of bread in the country are diverse. Because, Uzbekistan is home for more than 120 different nations and most of them still live and cook in their national styles.

Patir Non(fatir)

One of the most delicious types. Baked by adding milk and butter

Non Lepyoshka

Simple bread baked with dough, salt and water

Qatlama Non

Layered Bread

Vegetable Bread or Tomato Bread

Baked by adding tomatoes and onion

Zogora Non

Sweat crispy bread baked by adding some sugar and eggs to the dough

Gosht Non

Bread baked with meat

Piyoz Non

Bread baked by adding onions

Kulcha Non

Small, tiny bread baked often for kids


Thin flat bread. Baked mainly in Taskent


Myths, Superstitions and Tips about Uzbek Bread

Do the Uzbeks eat a lot of bread?

Yes, the Uzbeks eat bread with everything. The Uzbek can eat bread with bread!

Can I cut the Bread with a Knife?

In Uzbekistan bread is sacred and people break the bread only with hands. It’s always the youngest person who breaks the bread and shares a little piece to everyone.

Why the Uzbeks do not put Bread upside down?

People explain it as a sign of respect to the one who worked hard to produce it.

Is Bread Expensive in Uzbekistan?

No, fortunately, bread is inexpensive in the country. But there are quite different types of bread and some types, for example Meat Bread, can be expensive.


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