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Steppes of Central Asia / Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan steppes and Ustyurt plateau.

Ustyurt is a deserted area located in the west of Central Asia and stretches to the territories of 3 countries – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Surface of the plateau is about 200,000 km2.

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The climate of Ustyurt is extremely dry with cold weather in winters and hot in summers. Autumn and spring lasts very short period of time and winter lasts from November to early March whereas summer is between mid-May and September. Wind and sand storms are common in winter and summer.

Life in the Plateau Ustyurt and Steppes of Central Asia

Extremely continental weather and difficulty in finding basic living resources(water!) complicate living in the territory of Ustyurt. In this part of the country there are no cities and real villages. One can only see some isolated nomadic villages. People who live in it specialize in raising cattle, sheep, camel or goats. Especially after the beginning of Aral Sea Disaster the climatic conditions of Ustyurt have gradually become more extreme than ever.

The Border between Asia and Europe

The plateau Ustyurt is logically called the frontier between Europe and Asia.

The Steppe of Hunger

The deserts of Central Asia

National Parks & Reserves of Uzbekistan

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