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Sir Darya / the Rivers of Central Asia, Uzbekistan

The Syr Darya river. The Syr Darya map and Information about the biggest river of the region.

The Sir Darya, the second main river of Uzbekistan and Central Asia takes its waters from te Naryn and Karadarya rivers in the east of Fergana Valley. Main sources of water are snow, rains and glaciers. Running out of Fergana Valley it crosses the Farkhad Mountains and the water of the Farkhad mountains flow into the Sir Darya via the rivers Keles, Angren and Chirchiq.

syr darya map

Length – 2212 km

Basin – 219000 km square

Running through the Hungry Steppe and other steppes and deserts of Central Asia it used to flow into the Aral Sea. Over consumption of the water resources of the region for huge agricultural projects caused decrease in the level of water of the Sir Darya and the river is not reaching the Aral Sea since 1989.

Now the Sir Darya only reaches the northern borders of the Aral Sea and joins to a lake which is now called “Little Sea”. This facts makes some people think that we are going to be able to see the original level of the Aral Sea. But according to scientists the Syrdarya requires nearly 200 years to fill the Aral Sea.

Amudarya River

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