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Rights & Duties of Travelers in Uzbekistan

Travelers' rights in Uzbekistan.

Following the legislation of Uzbekistan the laws of Uzbekistan protect the rights of foreigners in the territories of the country, and the foreigners must abide by the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Will traveller’ rights be protected in Uzbekistan?

Answer: Yes. Within Uzbekistan’s territory, the legitimate rights and interests of the foreign visitors are protected.

Can I enjoy freedom in Uzbekistan?

Answer: Yes. Te foreigners enjoy the same rights and freedom as the citizens of Uzbekistan. The holders of a valid Uzbek Visa can visit all places which are open for travelers but they have to respect the local rules and traditions of the local people.

If I met something unfair in Uzbekistan, how can I protect my rights?

Answer: All your legal rights are protected by the government of Uzbekistan and if you will have any complaints you can contact these emergence numbers:

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