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Religions and beliefs in Uzbekistan | Facts & Tips

Religion in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan religion and culture. sunni or shia religions.

Intro to Religions and Spiritual Facts of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a home for over 100 different nations and the rich diversity of nationalities mean rich variety of beliefs too.

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Religions followed in Uzbekistan are:  Islam 88 percent; Eastern Orthodox: 9 percent; other 3 percent. Before becoming Muslims the majority of Uzbeks used to be Zoroastrians which stayed as the main religion of the country for over 1000 year before being replaced by Islam of the Arabs. The Islam ruled over the spiritual life of the region until the beginning of 20th century where it was weakened after the arrival of Russian Orthodox faith and later-on Bolsheviks and Soviets prohibit the practice of all religions.

Apart from this Uzbekistan had lived the arrival of different religions during the times of Silk Road Caravans. There are some Uzbek villages which used to be the center of Nestorianism, Buddhism and Judaism.

What is the main Religion of Uzbekistan?

The main religion of the Uzbeks is Sunni Islam. People respect the religion and its cultural Heritage but the Uzbek population is not religious after over 100 years of history under Soviet Regime where all religions were prohibited.

Is Uzbekistan a Muslim Country?

Yes, Uzbekistan’s territory had been invaded by the Arabs in the 8th century and since then the population of Uzbekistan is Muslim.

Is Uzbekistan a Religious Country?

No, even though everyone has the right follow any of the religions, Uzbekistan is a peculiar country without any official religion. Teaching and studying religion at Uzbek Educational Institutions is forbidden. Uzbekistan is much more traditionalist country than religious.

Shamanism in Uzbekistan

In some Uzbek villages there were people who were believed cure maladies with water and fire. This is directly related to the oldest religion of the country’s history – Zoroastrism. In Zoroastrian religion Water, Fire, Air and Earth were considered the main four elements of life and due to this some belief to these elements have existed in Uzbekistan quite a long time.

Tips about Religion in Uzbekistan:

  • Filming the people who are praying is not polite for the local people;
  • When the Uzbeks enter spiritual monuments they cover their head (with hat or scarf) which is the opposite of the Christian religion;
  • Most local go backwards till the exit after praying in spiritual places without turning back to the sacred place;
  • When you see Uzbeks in villages who cover all their face and hands it is not for religion. This is because of the sun as in Uzbekistan where there is a shining sun over 300 days a year people do not want to get bronzed and they want to stay as white as possible;
  • The Uzbeks are not Religious, the Uzbeks are Traditionalist and there are absolutely no religious restrictions for foreigners traveling in Uzbekistan;

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