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Power Plugs | Sockets in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan power plug, sockets and adapters. What power Sockets are used in Uzbekistan?

Standard Voltage in Uzbekistan is 220V and 50HZ. In Uzbekistan the sockets are of C and F types:

power plug Uzbekistan

Is Plug Adaptor Needed in Uzbekistan?

If your country’s standard voltage varies between 220 -240 V you can use your electric devices in Uzbekistan. If your country’s standard voltage is between 100 – 127 V you will need a Voltage Convertor / Plug Adaptor. Also, you have to bear in mind that some devices never need adaptors and it will be given on the label like: INPUT – 100-240 V.

220-240V Countries

UK, Europe, Australia, most of Africa and Asia

100-127V Countries

Canada, US, South American countries

In some new hotels of Uzbekistan the power sockets may be different and in that case the hotels can provide you with outlet adaptors.


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