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Money exchange/ credit cards / currency in Uzbekistan

ATMs, Credit Cards, Money exchange in Uzbekistan. Best currencies to use in Uzbekistan.

Studying the monetary system of the country you are going to visit is one of the paramount tings every traveler does. Below you will have some useful information about Exchanging Money in Uzbekistan, using VISA or MASTERCARD in Uzbekistan and the local currency.

The Uzbek Moneya

The currency of Uzbekistan is Sum – UZS. The most used banknotes are – 500, 1000, 5000 sums though since March 2017 the biggest banknote is 50000 sums. Despite travelers in Uzbekistan can pay for some expenses in US dollars, Euros or Rubles but anyway having some local money is essential as some expenses can be only paid in local currency (entrance tickets to the museums, meals, daily personal expenses etc.)

Bringing Money in Uzbekistan

Following the local rules: "Foreign currency that is being brought in and taken out by residents and non-residents through customs border check point of the Republic of Uzbekistan regardless of its amount shall be declared in written in the customs declaration form T-6".

Several foreign currencies like US Dollar, Rubl, Euro etc. can be exchanged at banks or exchange offices but the most classic currency is the US Dollar which is easiest to change anywhere.

ATMs & Credit Cards in Uzbekistan

Like most of the travel providers in Uzbekistan Centasia Voyages recommends bringing some cash money for travelling in Uzbekistan. Even if one can withdraw some US Dollars at ATMs they may not always work properly and sometimes searching for the right ATM may cost you lots of precious time.

Anyway, if you find yourself in need for finding an ATM here’s the list of possibilities where you can withdraw some cash money:

Tashkent: Hotel Uzbekistan, National Bank of Uzbekistan;

Samarkand: Hotel Registan Plaza, Kapitalbank’

Bukhara: Kapitalbank;

Urgench: Regional Branch of the National Bank of Uzbekistan;

Note: Travellers’ Cheques are practically not used in the country.

Where to Change Money & Rate in Uzbekistan

Most hotels have Exchange Offices that work 24/7 and the Kiosks of local banks can be found around all main bazaars. The travelers are advised to have a Certificate of exchanging money and this Certificate is the only means of exchanging your local money back to US Dollars, Euros…

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